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7/25 Cali disco 2

Today we woke up and packed up our campsite at OARS to drive to San Francisco for a day of exploring! When we got there we went to Chrissy beach to see the ocean and drop our trailer and have some quick lunch. From there we went to Ghirardelli square. Everyone bought chocolate and got some samples too. After exploring the area a little we went to chestnut street and went to lots of shops. Connor, Cooper, Henry, George and Abby went to a book store to get books to read on the plane ride home and kaya bought a game. Everyone went to a local burger place called super duper burger after and got burgers and fries and a couple people got ice cream. Hadley, Charlotte, Anna and Alena went shopping at some other stores. Gray and Kaya hung out at the burger place longer and chatted with David while Remi walked around with everyone else. Next we went to a thrift store that was next to a store where Abby bought some tarot cards and gave one to Connor and one to Henry. The group finished the day by getting sushi and chicken teriyaki together. We are heading to our campsite now for a short night of sleep before our early wake up tomorrow morning.

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