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7/24 Cali Disco 2

We started the day by cooking crew waking up at 7:30 and the rest waking up around 8:00. For breakfast we had pancakes topped with chocolate chips, maple syrup and some berries. Then we headed to the rafting PFD station where the rafting staff helped us find our life jacket sizes and our helmets so we wouldn’t get hurt while rafting. After that we went to our rafting boats where our troop was split into 2 groups. ( cooper, conner, Henry, George, Gray, and david) and Charlotte, kaya, Anna, Alena, edie, hadley, abby, and remi. Next we hopped on too our boats and learned all the safety rules if we fell out of the boat. Then we started paddling over level one rapids which are little waves. Then we stopped at a small beach where we had lunch which was sandwiches and cookies and lemonade. After, we hopped back on our rafts which is when we experienced level 2 and level 3 rapids which is pretty scary compared to level 1. Later on we had

to duck in the boat and got splashed by waves. We ducked so we wouldn’t fall out of the boat because the rapids were so heavy. Finally when the rapids were done we got pulled off of the water by a jetski then piled onto a bus where we all got cold drinks. Then once we got back to camp we had pasta and then ended our day with evening meeting and giving out hats.

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