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Bold Earth Adventures

7/22 Cali Disco 2

Today we started by waking up at 7:15 am. Kaya, Hadley, and cooper made French toast and sausage. Then we left to go rock climbing at 8:30. We did four routes. Kaya, Henry and Gray did all four routes. After a while David, Connor and Alena went to get some more water because it was really hot! Then we had lunch at the rock in the shade. Everybody chilled in the shade and some people did water colors or friendship bracelets. We then brought the climbing gear down and said goodbye to our climbing guides. Next, we got ice cream. Charlotte tried freeze dried skittles. After we cooled down with some ice cream we came back to camp and went to the creek. Remi Cooper and George were the first ones to dunk in all the way. Alena, Hadley, Anna, Abby, Edie and Charlotte dunked too. Connor got in but decided to pass on the full dunk. After the creek cook crew made pizza over a fire for dinner and it was actually really good! They had one failed attempt and made a bowl of scrambled pizza in a pan. After dinner and cleanup everyone played football for a while before evening meeting.

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