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7/21 Cali Disco 2

7/21 Blog by Henry, Edie, and Abby

This morning we got up at 6:00 am and left at 6:30 for Yosemite National Park. After an hour of driving we stopped and ate muffins with a view of El Capitan in the back. Edie, Charlotte, Hadley, Kaya, and Alena took photos of the scenery and each other. Then we hopped back in the van, and Abby was not too excited about going on the hike. We went to the Mist trailhead and began our mile hike. During our 7 mile hike, Gray had the best time of all on the hike. At the top of the trail, there was a beautiful waterfall that sprayed us all with refreshing mist. When we realized we were all soaked we headed back down into the basin, and drank all of our water. After the hike we went to the gift shop and Connor, George, Cooper, Anna and Abby got some snacks. Henry got a deck of cards to play with in the car. We drove back to the campsite and some of the girls went swimming in the creek. We had finger food (fried chicken, French fries, and salad) for dinner. After dinner we chose the next camp leader, gave out hats and had evening meeting.

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