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Bold Earth Adventures

7/20 Cali disco 2

The whole camp got up at 7:30 this morning to do a camp sweep and finish it all bye 9:30 and headed for long drive to Yosemite. We stopped in the middle of the drive to wash our clothes and we went on our phones to call our parents. After the Laundromat we got Starbucks as a reward for cleaning up our campsite. Abby bought the cake pops and Connor got a strawberry açaí refresher. Then we went to Walmart to get groceries for the next couple of days. Alena and George wanted to get an Oreo cereal. After we were done with camp shop we went back in for personal shop. Anna got a dress, Abby got friendship bracelet string and some tops, and Henry and Connor both got a treat. After that we got back in the van for the other half of the trip. We finally got to our campsite and were warned about the bears. We set up our tents and some of us went on a walk to the creek. Then we finally settled down for a dinner of orange chicken and rice that Remi and David made. We go to evening meeting when we announce who gets hats our hero’s and highlights and the next leader of the day.

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