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7/19 Cali disco: more surfing and farmers market!

Today we woke up at 7:15 and ate breakfast, which was prepared by Alena, Cooper, and Abby, and consisted of chocolate, blueberry, and cinnamon muffins, pop tarts, and cereal and fruit. After breakfast we all hopped in the grey van to head to our surfing lesson. Cooper caught a lot of waves, and had fun. After two hours of surfing, we got out of the water, and put our surf boards away. We got back in the van, and listened to too much Taylor Swift. After exiting the van, we ate a delicious lunch of sandwiches (peanut butter, jelly, Nutella, and bananas) and we had veggies and ranch on the side. Hadley, Charlotte, Kaya, Gray, and Edie all went down to the creek, and watched Hadley and Charlottes performance to the song “Look What You Made Me Do”. Then the campers all took four minute showers. After showering, the boys went to the creek where they met Alena, Gray, and Remi. Then we all proceeded to drive to the town of Fairfax to go to a farmers market, and several shops. Connor, Cooper, and George, got key lime pie at the farmers market. Anna got tie dye shorts, and Abby got henna, stickers, and crystals. Edie, Gray, Alena, and Hadley got boba and some fruit. We drove back to the campsite, and Edie, Kaya, Charlotte, and George played volleyball until the ball fell into a bed of thorns where Henry heroically went down and saved the ball. After we retrieved the ball the group ate dinner which consisted of vegetables, noodle soup, tofu, chicken, and caesar salad. After eating dinner and cleaning our dishes we finished off the day with evening meeting where we talked about our new cooking crews, got hats, and the new leader of the day. -kaya, Edie, Connor

A note from Remi and David: we will be making calls home tomorrow, 7/20, so look out for our calls! We won’t have service for the next several days in Yosemite so expect a delay in blogs. We’re having a great time and looking forward to talking to you tomorrow!

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