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7/18 California disco 2: Surfing day 1!

We started the day with Henry, Anna, and Edie setting up cereal, granola, milk and fruit for us which was pretty good. Then, we made our way to the beach to go surfing, where we met our surf guides, Anna, Mack, Shannon and Soren. We all caught some waves and our surf instructors said we were naturals! After surfing we went to eat sandwiches at a park with a basketball court. Cooper hit a half court shot! Hadley, Abby, Charlotte, Eddy, Anna, Alena, and Gray went to a surf store. Then we all went to another beach close by. George, Connor, Cooper, Henry, and Kaya played volleyball, and Hadley and Charlotte made a choreographed dance. Kaya, Edie, Remi, Gray, Anna, Abby and Alena did water color pairings on the beach and Edie tried to embroider. Then we went back to our campsite to eat and do our crews. We made ramen and veggies and chicken and tofu. We finally ended off the day by going to the Golden Gate Bridge to do our evening meeting but it was too foggy so we ate rice crispy treats at a beach near the bridge and got back in the van and did evening meeting in a nice park nearby. -George, Abby and Hadley



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