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California Bold – Day 5 Yosemite

Today began with an early start at 5am to beat the morning rush and successfully get into Yosemite National Park. our adventure started off with a 8 mile hike to the breath taking Nevada Falls. After enjoying lunch at the top of the waterfall, Bradley took the lead as we slowly made our way back down the slippery path where Heloise and Max took a tumble, but we’re able to tavern them selves on the venture back down. After the treacherous hike we had a moment to reflect silently and alone near a beautiful river. This is what we call a “solo”. During our solo, we wrote postcards to send home. After returning back to the campsite, Martin and Kieran cooked up a dinner of chicken and pea stir fry while Peyton, Sophia, and Jasper took a trip to the creek. It was a great long day in California.

Signing off,

Jasper and Sophia

P.S. we are leaving our campsite tomorrow and will have better service to send pictures then!

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