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California Bold- Day 4 “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”

Hello Bold Earth community!

Today, we woke up at 7 for an early breakfast, where our cooks Bradley and Sophia made hot chocolate and got our lunches set out so we could pack them. After we finished eating, our leader of the day, Max, gave us all jobs so we could prepare to go to the rock climbing wall. 

We started climbing in teams and learned to belay each other. After eating lunch in the middle of the forest, we went rapelling, and we descended the big rock we had climbed before. We then took the van to go to a beautiful waterfall to swim in. Jasper, Max, Kieran, and Martin dove into the water first, and Heloise, Peyton, and Sophia then arrived to swim. We then went home by van and some of us were cold. We got home and changed. Tonight, we will have a nice dinner of chicken, broccoli, and garlic bread!

All in all, another great day here in California!

From,  Kieran and Martin

P.S. Unfortunately photos cannot be uploaded at the moment due to poor service.  More to come later!

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