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California Bold – Day 8 Ice Plants and Ice Cream

Today was community service day. We woke early and packed camp to get on the road. Martin took a long nap on the van and after about three hours of driving we reached our destination : the town of Bolinas. After some parking confusion and a very short boat ride to the island, we ate a lunch of walking tacos and got started on our work. Our two leaders were the park rangers Paige and Greg who instructed us in the removal of the invasive ice plant. After removing a large piles worth of ice plants, we were thanked by the rangers with some swag. We then enjoyed some free time in the beautiful town of Bolinas were Peyton and Sophia ate some avocado toast. Bradley bought some cool gear and we got on the road again to get to our new campsite. After settling in, Jasper, Max, and Héloïse relaxed by playing a game of freesbee while Peyton and Kieran cooked some delicious chicken noodle soup. Then, Sam and Holly surprised everyone with ice cream! It was very delicious. Everyone got to bed relaxed and full after a long and nice day.


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