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California Bold – Day 7

Today, we spent the day in Santa Cruz on the boardwalk and beach. At the boardwalk, we all went on fun. Roller coasters, played games, and enjoyed lunch. After a couple hours at the boardwalk, we had a short drive over to a nearby beach where Max popped a ball that he won at the boardwalk. When we got there, Heloise and Peyton took a relaxing nap while Kieran wrestled with Max. In the meantime, Bradley and Martin explored a cool cave on the beach. Everyone had a great time during their free time. Before we left, Jasper attempted to do a back flip with the help of the other boys. Soon after this, we loaded everything into the van and headed back to camp and started cooking dinner. We had a delicious dinner of homemade pizza after dinner. We ventured down to the beach. Sophia got in for a sunset swim. It was a fun day in the sun.


Peyton and Kieran

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