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California Bold – Day 3

Kieran was the first to awake driven by the rays of sun and filled with the hope of fun. At 8 AM the day truly began as we were greeted by the crisp sweetness of spectacular donuts masterfully crafted by Max, Heloise, and Holly. The ornate beauty of each donut brought a calming sensation as well as excitement for the day to come.

Following breakfast, we struck our tents and loaded the van. To decide seating, we played a game of pterodactyl where everyone must hide their teeth behind their lips and say “pterodactyl” without laughing or showing teeth. Bradley was crowned the winner, besting Holly at her own game and got a seat up front.

Following a several hour journey full of joyous music and raucous laughter, we arrived at a vividly green park where we devoured food like the pterodactyls we played earlier. Time passed as our friendships blossomed with each laugh that poured through the bus.

Finally, we reached a large grocery store, aisles full of delicious food. Splitting into groups, we purchased a bounty of food for the week ahead. With full shopping carts and happy hearts, we were treated to ice cream by Sam and the day’s leader, Heloise. We then returned to the store for personal purchasing time where Jasper got a free bottle of barbecue sauce, his favorite meal, on a discount and Kieran bought a squeaky monkey toy which brought laughter to all.

With thirty minutes to our final port of call, we gazed out at the gorgeous mountain landscape. Lush and green, the land vast and full of promise as we ascended to our camp in Sierra National Forest. Finally we arrived, and after setting up tents and unloading duffles, Martin gave Sophia and Peyton a lesson in French, his native tongue. The cook crew, meanwhile, set about preparing dinner with Sam. Finally we reach the present where we are writing this blog perched upon a rock, and excited for dinner.

Until next time!

Bradley and Sophia

P.S. more pictures to come! Our service isn’t the best for uploading. Peace!

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