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California Bold 2 – Day 9

Today we began the day greeted by a breakfast of french toast handcrafted by Heloise and Bradley accompanied with juicy nectarines and sweet banana bread. Afterwards, we embarked ona trip to the grocery store where we walked down the spacious aisles to pick food for our upcoming meals. We admired the options and considered the countless possibilities of food that we could create. Although we had an infinite variety of absurd and complex food combinations we could cook to surprise the group, we finally settled on buying several thoughtful ingredients. At the front of an aisle, atop a shelf, sat a bright yellow inflatable swan whose eyes, filled with charm, enchanted Kieran into purchasing him.

Finally, we headed to San Francisco, where we marveled at the steep streets with colorful buildings that bordered lush greenery and eclectic shops. At Pier 39, Max burst into excitement with a willingness to jump into the water when he caught a glimpse of a seal poking his head above the waves. We then ventured to the front of the Giradelli square where the grass blades moved in unison with the windy coastal air upon our backs. Heloise received a deep and meditative spiritual hand reading session by Sam, whose dedication to our journey of life in relation to the past and present excited us. Sophia and Peyton bought some delicious hot chocolate whose excellency surpassed that of a north pole setup at a holiday mall.

We then returned for dinner at the campsite where Jasper raced quickly down the rocky hill in pursuit of barbecue sauce. Around the campfire, Martin entertained us with his jubilant laugh as the sun set below the horizon.

Signed Sophia

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