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California Bold 2 – Airport Day!

Hello from the San Francisco airport! Today is an exciting day because we get to meet all the incoming campers today. Our group met in the terminal 2 baggage claim and everyone made their way from all over the country. Some students even came from other countries!

Here is the list of our all star crew and where they hail from!

Heloise comes from France

Martin also comes from France!

Bradley is from Maryland

Kieran is from North Carolina

Maxwell is from New York

Peyton is from Illinois

Sophia is from Arizona

And last but certainly not least, Jasper flew in from New Jersey!

From here, we will head to our lovely campsite at the OAR raft put in and go rafting on our second day together. Stay tuned for more updates!

Until then, keep it cool 😎

The California Bold 2 group


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