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California Bold 2 – Day 10 ” Surf’s up!”

We arose bright and early on the 10th day of our trip to the cool California breeze. We packed up camp and then had a breakfast of pastries. Following this, we carted all of our gear to the van to get on the road to our next destination, Stinson Beach. There we met with our 4 guides to get a lesson on surfing basics. After this, we took to the waves with gusto where Jasper and Martin had the most success surfing. After leaving our surf boards on the beach, Heloise and Martin chicken fought in the waves. Following a short lunch of sandwiches, we returned to the beach where we sun bathed, napped, and read while Peyton, Max, and Kieran played in the surf. When we tired of the beach, we returned to the van to travel to Point Reyes. At Point Reyes, following a short walk up the windy drive, we reached the overlook where Bradley took many pictures and Holly spotted a sea lion. Finally, after a long day, Sophia and Max cooked a spectacular dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner, Peyton, Jasper, Sophia, Martin, and Sam did a short sunset hike and watched the sun set over the golden hills. All in all, it was a great day!

Bradley and Peyton

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