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Anderson, Livvy, Greta

Today is July second! Today was a travel day. We woke up at Spring Camp where a simple breakfast of yogurt and granola, bagels, and cereal which was prepared by Tessa, Tyson, Emily, and Ruben. We were very excited to wake up this morning and meet Bridget for the first time. She is a great addition to our team! The leader of the day was Bailey! She served as Isabel’s DJ and navigator during the first leg of our drive.
Today was also our first grocery shop day. In our small groups we made a plan of what meals we wanted to cook for the next few days. We all enjoyed shopping in Walmart and hanging out with one another. We were successful in getting groceries for the next few days as well as some personal items such as balls and snacks!
Late this afternoon we arrived at our destination of Yosemite. We are staying at a beautiful campsite that’s located by a river and has many trees. Our van crew, Ian, Mia, Bailey, and Bridget, refreshed the van after a four hour drive. Tonight we are going to enjoy a very tasty dinner of pasta and salad as well as chocolate cake before sleeping under the stars!
Until next time, blog crew,
Anderson, Greta, and Livi


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