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Blog Day 7

We woke up and had delicious French toast with powdered sugar, berries, syrup, and cream. We then packed up and scadaddeld to the laundry mat where we got to check in with our modern lives by calling parents and friends.

We munched on some tasty snacks and came back to our cozy camp site and ate lunch prepared by our amazing cook crew. Ian made us all an incredible tuna salad sandwich spread, helped by Bridget, Emily, and Greta.

We then headed to the boardwalk where we tried all the fair food, played games, and went on a group roller coaster ride. We came back to camp and swam at the beach. We then packed up all of extra group and kitchen gear after dinner of pizza bagels and pasta salad and loaded up the trailer to prepare for our early morning. Livi and Mia led the charge on preparing dinner and Tyson, Emily, and Bailey proved their strength by carrying our bins.

Our leader Anderson led our evening meeting and asked some very important questions like “What is your third favorite day of the week?”

We laughed about Mia’s snoring last night and Tyson, Reuben, Anderson, and Ian’s friendly camp neighbors who also snore.

Be well! And don’t forget your sunscreen.

Ian, Reuben, Tyson

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