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Scaling the Cliffs (Reuben did it backwards!)

Bold Earth Day 4

This morning we woke up and had oatmeal bar with fruit toppings prepared by Reuben, Tessa, Emily, and Tyson. We also made sandwiches for before we left for our climbing area where we could see Denice views of Fresno Dome on the way. After our car ride, we walked up to the first slab and prepared to climb it. There were 4 options to choose from and we learned how to belay from our instructors Hailey and Teagan. After that we took a short hike to the top of the rock to eat lunch. There was a great view and we played a game of Big Booty. After lunch we moved higher up the mountain to another set of slabs. One group went off the scramble up the mountain with Isabel while the rest stayed behind to climb the slabs. Ian, Bailey, Livi, and Bridget finished our last climbs of the day and Reuben, Tessa, Emily, Greta, Anderson and Mia sat and enjoyed the view.

We then walked back down the mountain (Reuben chose to roll down). Then our climbing guides brought us to a river to cool off and we headed back to camp to eat burgers and kebabs. Before bed, Greta led us in our evening meeting as our Leader of the Day. We talked about our heroes and highlights of the day.

Bless yourself as you read this…

Tyson, Reuben, Tessa, and Emily

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