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July 9th: Surfing with Seals

Today we started off with cereal and yogurt prepared by Mia, Tyson, Tessa, and Bailey. Then we set off to the Stinson beach, a prime surfing spot in our area. Our instructors were named Sandy, Elias, and Shannon. They showed us how to pop up on the boards and catch waves. Tessa, Mia, Greta, and Bailey all tried tandem surfing; Tyson and Reuben had some big wipe outs; and Ian and Bridget (our Leader of the day) did headstands on the boards. After surfing we headed into town where people enjoyed some food and Emily and Livi did some shopping. Anderson, Bailey, Reuben, and Greta got some GREAT sandwiches. Tessa snacked on some fries. There was a cool surf shop where everyone loved browsing and Ian got his long awaited puka shells. We then headed back to the campground and had some quiet time before a great taco dinner.
Hang loose, Mia, Tessa, Tyson, and Bailey.

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