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July 8th: Town Time

We all woke up feeling very rejuvenated after sleeping in. Mia, Tessa, Livi, and Ruben made a very tasty breakfast of berry pancakes and a homemade berry compote.
Today we were able to explore the streets of San Francisco. As a group we took some photos in the Palace of Fine Arts before breaking into small groups to explore the city. We ventured into trendy boutiques and checked out the local food scene.
After a quick lunch in the park, we headed off to the small town of Fairfax. Upon returning to camp we enjoyed an hour of quiet time before our leaders Gracie and Isabel unveiled the 2023 Bold Earth Olympics!
Three teams battled ruthlessly through the four events. People went head to head in eating races, cupcake tosses, and anything-you-can-put-on- fashion shows, but it all came down to the team leader showdown. Gracie, Isabel and leader of the day Reuben took turns keeping a straight face while slapping each other with tortillas. Ultimately Reuben proved himself to be the tortilla master leaving poor Gracie to be pied in the face by the winning team of Ian, Bridget, Tessa and Emily.
A lovely dinner of stir fry and noodles was prepared by Tessa, Bailey, Mia, and Tyson, while our van was refreshed by Anderson, Reuben, Emily and Bridget in preparation for a day of surfing tomorrow!
Until next time, Ian, Livi, and Greta.

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