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July 6th Aloha-Vera!!!

Hey everyone! Today was one heck of a travel day. Greta and Livi sauced up some scrumptious spreads for us this morning and thanks to Mia’s watchful eye, we were able to leave our campsite as good as new. We then piled into the van for a long day of driving, singing to some Christmas recommendations from Tyson, Bailey, and Anderson, along with Reuben’s sea shanty. Greta and Tessa spent the morning creating bracelets and Ian continued to master sign language.

Eventually we made it to the supermarket. In between shopping and munching, Bridget saved crucial space in the van during our packing up by placing our group watermelon in a bucket, out of harm’s way. Emily kept the mood alive with some great song recommendations, and then we finally made it to the beach. Gracie and Isabel split us into two groups as we raced to the water, leading us to a magnificent evening on the beach. Ian reminded us to put on our sunblock and led us through an evening squeeze.


Bailey, Tyson, Anderson

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