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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 8: Greg

Today we woke up at the crack of dawn and took down our tents and packed up the rest of our van. We then enjoyed a good breakfast of donuts and watermelon before we drove for three hours. Emily, Mia, Greta, Reuben, Ian, Anderson, Bridget, Tyson, and Livi all knocked out during the car ride. We then stopped at a cute beach town where we met our community service guide, Greg. We took a super long boat ride across the rocky ocean to the island where we pulled ice plants out of the ground. The boat ride was a total of 5 seconds. We ended with a pile of ice plants that was taller then Reuben (our 6’3 fellow camper). Then we tried to guess Isabel and Gracie’s age while we continued to weed. After we were done, we ate lunch on the beach. We had mozzarella, bruschetta, and bazil sandwiches prepared by our cook crew, Tyson, Bailey, and Anderson. Then Reuben dropped the volleyball on our fresh sugar cookies. He then lost his volleyball privileges. We then came to our new campsite and played a game called rattling bog led by our LOD Tessa. Then played a game called Water in the Face where we got to throw water at each other. Finally, we enjoyed grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner!

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