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Airport Day and Rapids & amp; Rappin

Airport Day:

After collecting everyone at the airport we played a game of screaming toes to load the van. We all look up on the count of three, and if you make eye contact with someone across the circle, you both have to scream for as long as you can! Winner gets to stay in the circle, the other has to load up in the van. 

We then embarked on our journey to the campsite and during this ride we got to know each other very well while jammin out to tunes, having dance parties, taking pictures of our friends who fell asleep and waving at the passing cars. After the ride we arrived at our campsite and had a delicious dinner of pizza along with our evening meeting. Our question of the day was “What condiment would you disperse from your belly button on command?” And then we all passed out!

July 1st:

Rapids and Rappin w/ Slim Shady (our nickname for Tyson!)

We all woke up ecstatic to meet our new friend Tyson. We then had our morning meeting where we learned who our cook crews were; Anderson, Greta, and Livy. Who our van clean crew was; Tyson, Reuben, Emily, and Tessa. And our blog crew; Bailey, Ian, and Mia. Our leader of the day today was Mia. We all then got our breakfast and got dressed for a fun day of water rafting on the American River. Before we left for the river we played a game of Rattlin’ Bog and Yeehaw. We took some voluntary and “involuntary” swims and our groups was fantastic at self rescuing ourselves (jumping out of the raft and being able to climb back in).  During our journey Mia and Tyson had a chance to also rescue another rafter from the water from a different group. 

After our last stretch of rapids which had some crazy names, we hopped on a bus and headed back to camp where we all took some long awaited showers. Afterwards we all waited for cook crew to cook dinner as we made many jokes and had a great time.

God Bless (the) America(n) River! (and Ireland).

Mia, Ian, Bailey 

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