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A sad goodbye!


Isabel and Gracie here.

Just wanted to give one last thank you to all of our amazing students and their families. Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us these past two weeks. We had such an incredible, silly, fun time. We all shared SO many laughs and special moments during this adventure, and would love to recap some our favorite memories…

Rafting Day 1– our students showed great courage and determination to conquer rapids, many for the first time!

We also did three sessions of meal planning and group shopping! Some highlights were our pancake master Livi, who not once, but twice whipped up delicious batches of pancakes accompanied by berry compote to top by Mia. Ian made us a tasty tuna salad for sandwiches this week, and even convinced some of us on the fence to be tuna fanatics. We had french toast hand crafted by chef Bridget, an amazing caprese sandwich spread on Bolinas Beach organized by Bailey, Anderson, and Tyson, and our biggest hit by far was the breakfast burritos for lunch yesterday from Greta and her cook crew.

Climbing earlier this week was also a new experience for most! We enjoyed scaling up the granite slabs and enjoying the view of the mountain ranges in the distance. We were awestruck by the rushing water, shimmering rainbows, and many stairs of the Mist Trail in Yosemite. Our students crushed a 6 mile day and live to tell the tale. Surfing for our last two days was also a great hit. Our guides were so helpful, and many even got to try tandem surfing as well as practice some tricks like handstands!

We had so much fun cooling off this week in slow-moving streams and watering holes and gazing at the amazing coastline and grasslands of the Central Valley. Town and beach time in San Francisco allowed for everyone to pick up some sweet souvenirs and trinkets, as well as try some of the local yummy food. Pucca shells, surf shop tees, and unique thrift finds were some of the favorites.

(A major highlight, funny enough, was our end of trip In-N-Out Burger dinner).

Our students showed us their ability to take on leadership roles with ease, hold accountability for themselves and others, and treat each other with great kindness and empathy. Constantly laughing, we still shared some tender moments around the campfire and got to all know and appreciate each other on a deeper level.

We loved learning about the culture of Northern Ireland from Reuben and he helped lead our Bold Earth Olympics! I’m not sure if Livi, Ian, and Mia, however, will ever forgive us for making them eat a raw brussels sprout… to be determined. Tessa and Anderson absolutely dominated our cupcake challenge and were great sports about being layered up in every piece of clothing their teammates could find! Emily was integral in being our camp photographer and Greta kept the laughs constantly flowing. Their dedication allowed them to absolutely perfect the art of friendship bracelet making by day 12.

Overall, Isabel and I are so lucky to have had the chance to work with all of these students this week. We are so grateful for the time we shared, the chaos, and the laughs! California Bold is truly a summer we will never forget and are so excited for everyone to finish out their summers on a high note before they move on to even more exciting things.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any other needs or questions!

All our love,

Isabel and Gracie

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