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Day 9: San Francisco

Hi parents!

Today we grocery shopped and explored San Francisco. In the morning, Tensae, Bella, and Reuben prepared sushi for our lunch. After that, we enjoyed a cold breakfast and made our way to the grocery store!

At the store, Holly and Maren were walking around blowing bubbles. When we got back, we ate lunch and then made our way to San Francisco. While there, we walked around in groups and explored Pier 39. Dante bought a sweatshirt with a fuzzy bear on it that says “San Francisco.” Alana enjoyed the view of some sea lions. Rueben got a free sheriff pin by guessing a random person’s age correctly. Ellie and Alex both bought some stickers for their water bottles.

We made our way down the wharf, and on the way we stopped at an In and Out. Aanya, a vegetarian, got a grilled cheese at In an Out. Bella, Nate, Henry, Tensae, Alex, Avni, and Ellie enjoyed In and Out for the first time. There, Roman bought an XL soda which was bigger than his head. After that we made our way over to the Ghirardelli chocolate store and had lots of fun exploring. Good night, parents!

⁃ Ellie, Alex, and Roman

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