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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 8

Day 8 began at 5:30 in the morning to the sound of birds and nature in order to begin our service day on time. The drive from the campsite to Marin County was about 3 hours with everyone napping in the car. We removed an invasive species from France in teams of 2, The Mandom and Dino Nuggies. During our service time, Ellie, Aanya, Roman and Tensae were able to pull the plants by hand, without the assistance of any tools while Isabella and Alana helped clean up the remaining saplings. Once we finished clearing the area, Dante enjoyed the sunlight on the hill while Rueban connected with a horse and pet it on the reserve. Before driving to our next campsite, we all stopped off at an ice cream and frozen yogurt parlor, where we enjoyed a refreshing treat after giving back to the community. After arriving to the new campsite, Nate and Alex helped unload the UHAUL with the others before waiting for dinner, which was a delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup, prepared by Avni and Henry. While waiting for our dinner to be prepared Maren have some of the campers a tube of bubbles. Some of the campers were trying to catch the bubbles and even tried to eat them. Yes, silly, I know. but it was fun!


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