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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 11: Surfing & Final Dinner

The crew woke up at 8 am, and had a breakfast primarily of cereal and yogurt prepared by cook crew. The cook crew for today was Dante, Isabella, and Avni. Everybody got their swimsuits on and hopped in the van to head to the beach for a great day of Surfing. Roman and Henry caught some big waves, but Aanya, Dante, Ellie, and Alex had some fun by doubling up on one surfboard. After surfing, we headed back to camp for lunch which was prepared by Nate, Henry, and Tensae. We then hung out and Reuben was the winner of the game “Big Booty”.  After that we went for showers, and Alana connected with nature by hugging some redwood trees by the campground showers. We then headed back to camp for some yummy pizza provided by the counselors. We then had a glow in the dark party with s’mores and even celebrated Alex’s birthday. We had a very emotional goodbye with many hugs and all are very sad to leave Bold Earth. Bye!!!

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