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Day 10: Surfing!

Today was a brilliant day filled with great surfing and tons of beach fun. We woke up to our usual breakfast of cereal and yogurt. We were able to get ahead of the time schedule by getting in the van early to Stinson Beach. When we got there, we met our amazing instructors Nicki, Shannon, Mac and Sorren who made the day very special.

The waves were plentiful and we all had the best time surfing them. Roman and Henry sought out the biggest waves, and even caught a few! Aanya was the ‘Queen of jumping on her board’. Dante had a wonderful time pretending to be Ariel from the little mermaid.

After our surfing adventures, we had an exquisite lunch of walking tacos made by Reuben and Alana. After the lunch, we had a pretty chill time on the beach hanging out and having fun. Isabella and Avni had a fun time looking at all the cute dogs on the beach while Alex, Ellie and Tensae had a slightly more mellow time sunbathing. Nate also had a chill time taking a nap on the beach.

After an amazing time playing in waves and taking long walks on the beach, we took a chill van ride back to camp where we had orange chicken with fried rice for dinner. It was a radical day!

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