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Day 1 airport day CaliAdventure2

Today was a really exciting day as we welcomed all our students from around the United States, France, and the UK. We spent a lot of the day in the airport where we got to know one another.

We’re so excited to welcome the following students:

Aanya Mulpuri from Peoria, AZ
Alex Orth from Bronxville, NY
Anvi Hanumara from Surrey, United Kingdom
Dante Kippenberger from Hollywood, FL
Eleanor Fahy from Bronxville, NY
Henry Frasca from Palisades, NY
Isabella Lieu-Chang from New Hyde Park, NY
Nathaniel Lieu-Chang from New Hyde Park, NY
Reuben Martin-Weinstein from South Pasadena, CA
Roman Cardi from Paris, France
Tensae Karev from New York City, NY
Alana Sindelar From Skokie, IL

Afterwards we made our way out of the airport and headed to a park where we made sandwiches for lunch, played games, and went through some quick orientation information. We then made our way to OARS where we set up camp, cooked burrito bowls for dinner, and had our first evening meeting.

Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, where we will be white water rafting on the America River!

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