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California Adventure 2: Day 5 Hiking in Yosemite

We woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to Maren’s singing at 5 am in order to drive to Yosenite National Park before the crowds. During the car drive into the majestic valley, Tensae observed the landscapes and the nature around her, and spotted a young deer. We began our hike on the John Mist trail where we were able to see breathtaking views. On the way up, Reuben and Roman encouraged the other hikers along the trail with high fives and cheering. At the top of Nevada falls, before going back down, Isabella and Holly chatted and everyone observed the massive waterfall below while eating lunch. After the hike down, we made our way to the gift shop where Alex, Aanya, and Ellie got matching sweatshirts and Dante bought some stylin’ new sunglasses. We then continued to El Capitán Meadows and took in the views by the Merced River before driving back to camp. During the drive back, Henry entertained the whole group with a funny try-not-to-laugh game. We ended the day back at camp with delicious ravioli made by Avni and Alana and watching Nate and David having a push-up contest.

-Bella, Alex, and Roman

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