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California Adventure 2: Climbing Day

Today proved to be chaotic, but was also a fun experience for everyone to cherish. The crew woke up at 7:30 so the gang could get to climbing. Before that we had a really great breakfast of yogurt, cereal and fruit that was prepared by Tensae. We then shuffled into the van in a rushed fashion fashion. Reuben then begged for Yeat to be played on our 45 minute drive to the climbing site. We then hiked up to the climbing site where Isabella surprised everyone with her master climbing skills. Roman also beasted the climbing walls repeatedly and kept trying to go up over and over again. Meanwhile, Avni did a great job on the big wall. Everyone pushed themselves to their full potential to reach the top and they wouldn’t stop. After that a few brave souls including the amazing Aanya took the treacherous hike up the mountain to rappel down the wall with great bravery. When taking the hike down, Nate stood out from the rest. We then took the van over to a great swimming hole with a waterfall where Ellie and others dunked in the water. On the way back, Henry and Dante got into a staring contest which turned into a quiet/try not to laugh game (Dante won). When we got back to camp, we played a game where we slapped each other with tortillas when we had water in our mouths and tried not to laugh. When playing the tortilla game Marren got a great photo of Alex getting playing the game, and Alana accidentally knocked Aanaya’s glasses off (no glasses were harmed). Then we ate burgers and went to bed.

Written by Dante, Avni, and Alana

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