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CaliAdventure2: Rafting Day

Hi parents! This morning Alex, Isabella, and Roman made scrambled eggs, sausages and potatoes. There were bagels and cereal as well for breakfast. After breakfast everyone gathered our belongings and got ready for a long day of white water rafting. Everyone got their own equipment and then we then were split into two groups. We headed down to the river near by camp and got into our rafts, learning to paddle. The front of the boat was a very popular spot, and many wanted to sit there. Donte, Alana, Nate, and Henry were very persistent and in the end, spent most of their time in the front. While rafting we played a very fun game where someone stands on the front of the raft and everyone else spins the raft, trying to knock the person off. Aanya and Ellie prevailed and left everyone else in the dust with their amazing balance. After speaking with Avni, Reuben discovered his fascination with British people and decided to speak in an accent for the rest of the day. Back at camp, while playing cards, Tensae won the intense game of gin rummy. Overall, today was an amazing day filled with fun and excitement and we cannot wait for tomorrow!!

⁃ Nate, Ellie, and Aanya

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