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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 7

Hi parents! Today was an amazing day!! We had lots of fun at the Santa Cruz boardwalk playing games, eating snacks, and riding the rollercoasters. we had tons of fun roaming the boardwalk and exploring. This morning we woke up and got to shower after 4 full days which was very relieving. After, we were able to enjoy a nice warm breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausages, and fruit salad. This delicious breakfast was kindly prepared for us by Alex, Nate, and Alana. Then we made our way to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and were freed to hang out on the rides and arcade games. We split up into groups, Ellie, Avni, Alex, and Aanya, then, Bella, Nate, Ruben, Roman, and Henry, then, Dante, Tensae, and Alana. With time to spare, we were able to go to Shark Fin Cove and enjoy the view. Although it was very cold, we spent our time digging holes and meeting Louis, a friendly 2 year old baby on the beach. After that, we made our way back to camp to continue on with evening activities such as making Mac n Cheese and Dino Nuggets and enjoying the sunset at the beach. Goodbye!! – Ellie, Anvi, and Henry

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