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California Adventure 1: Yosemite

Written by Genevieve, Sabina, and James

Hey wassup guys. Today we had an easy day. From our long travels last night we were all pretty exhausted. Some of us like James woke up at 9:30 a.m. For breakfast we had yogurt and toppings made by Zoë, Conner and Hedda. While we enjoyed breakfast we tried to count how many PB&J’s James had already eaten on this trip, it was around 15. Then we played trivia before we got in the van, Jack was the winner of trivia.

We got on our way to go see huge Sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park! On the shuttle bus Conner spilled his beef Jerkey on the floor (which he cleaned up). While we were seeing the beautiful trees Genevieve, Sabina and Jainy got inside one of the trees. After the trees we got into a freezing cold river, where Wes and Becket took a polar plunge. While Ella was enjoying sun tanning, Olivia was collecting rocks. On our way back to the camp we were revived by ice cream. Once we got back we chilled out and had orange chicken for dinner.

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