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California Adventure 1: Travel Day

Written by Zoë, Hedda, and Connor

Today we started off the morning with lucky charms pancakes made mostly by Holly with help from James, Genevieve and Sabina. Then we quickly washed up, packed the van and trailer, and then hit the road. While on our drive, Zoë and Ella made friendship bracelets, and James and Jack had a playful conversation. We then stopped in a local park and ate walking tacos for lunch made by James Genevieve and Sabina. Wes, Connor, Olivia, and Beckett played a couple rounds of 3 flags up, while we ate lunch. We then hopped back into the van, and drove to the grocery store. After a hefty job of shopping, Hedda and Jainy organized boxes with food, and yummy snacks. Then, we ventured on a short lasting 30 minute ride to our final destination of the day. We built tents and played basketball, in which Ella had lots of wins and triumphs along side Jack and Connor. After taking some scrumptious showers, and feeling squeaky clean from head to toe, we ate tacos for dinner made by our wonderful cook crew. then we enjoyed a lovely evening meeting, and it was another great day at bold earth.

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