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California Adventure 1: San Francisco Exploration

Written by Sabina, Genevieve, Jainy, Connor, Beckett, Hedda

Good morning bold earthers! We were sad waking up this morning to our last day. Beckett was the early riser (as always). Today for breakfast we had the typical bagel and cereal with the new addition of Cap’n Crunch. While making lunch, James made a quadruple decker PB&J. Then we packed up all our of our stuff and Genevieve was the most helpful. Before leaving Connor beat Wes in an intense basketball game. Then we took a 2 hour drive to San Francisco. When we got there Sabina, Zoë, Hedda, Ella and Jainy all bought matching California sweatshirts. While that was happening Jack, Conner, Olivia, and Beckett explored the pier and the old ships. For dinner we went to In-N-Out and had life saving burgers, papas fritas muy deliciosas, and creamalitious milk shakes. We finished our amazing last day by cowboy camping.

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