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California Adventure 1: Rafting Day

Today was an exhilarating day! We all slept in, as we had a big day ahead of us. We started the day with bagels and cereal. The Cocoa Krispies were a big hit, with James eating a bowl in under 45 seconds. After breakfast, we got fitted up for white water rafting. After that we got on the water! On the South fork of the American river, during a calm section, Beckett and Genevieve played a balancing game on the raft, resulting in both of them taking a swim (they were both ok!). Zoe and Connor both fearlessly jumped into the water during “Swimmer’s Rapid”. Connor was shivering because of the adrenaline and definitely not the cold water. Jack, Wes, Olivia, and Sabina all got dunked under water in one splashy rapid and were drenched. Ella, Hedda, Samantha, Jainy, and James took quite the rowdy line down “Scissors” rapid! When we finished rafting, we got on a bus and traveled back to the camp site. While we were on the bus, Wes and James participated in a burping competition where James drank 3 cans of soda. We got back to camp for delicious hot showers and a scrumptious pasta dinner. Overall, we had an amazing day at Bold Earth 🌍.

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