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California Adventure 1: Day 4 Surfing at Stinson Beach

Written by Connor, Jainy, and Genevieve

Today we had a great day! Today’s breakfast was made by Jack, Sabina, and Olivia. Then we got in the van & headed to the beach to surf. When we got to the beach the weather was first cloudy but the sun eventually came out. Hedda & Becket caught the most waves. The wetsuits stopped us from getting cold. While everyone was learning to surf, James decided to show off his body surfing skills. On the way back to camp, Connor, Genevieve, and Jainy took a nap in the van. When we got back from surfing and we all went on a 6 mile hike. Wes, Ella, and Zoë were the fastest. When we got back, ate tacos for dinner, and stargazed after evening meeting.

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