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California Adventure 1: Day 3 Marin Service Project

Written by James, Beckett, and Hedda

Today we went to Marin and did community service. We all spent an hour picking sea lavender, which is an invasive species from the Mediterranean area. We also picked up trash around the lagoon and bike trails. While we were working Sabina and Hedda taught each other Spanish and Norwegian.

After we finished, we drove to the grocery store where we all split up into groups. Zoe, Ella, and Wes got ceasar salad, pancakes and mixed fruit. Hedda, Beckett and James got bagel pizza ingredients and taco ingredients. Sabina, Olivia and Jack got steak fajita, bagels, and muffins. Conner, Jainy and Genevieve got chicken alfredo. Afterwards, we ate icecream sandwiches and headed to the new campsite!

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