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California Adventure 1: Day 1 Airport Day

Today was a really exciting day as we welcomed all our Students from around the United States, Spain, and Norway. We spent a lot of the day in the airport where we worked on our hacky sack and friendship bracelet-making skills.

We’re so excited to welcome the following students:

Beckett from Deerfield, NH

Connor from Pointe Verda Beach, FL

Elizabeth from Charlottesville, VA

Genevieve from Knoxville, TN

Hedda from Oslo, Norway

Jainy from Pine Grove, CA

Joseph from Virginia Beach, VA

Olivia from Los Angeles, CA

Sabina from Girona, Spain

Wesley from Katonah, NY

Zoe from Encino, CA

James from Venice, CA

Afterward we made our way out of the airport and headed to Half Moon Bay where we made sandwiches for lunch, played games, and went through some quick orientation information. We then made our way to Santa Cruz where we set up camp, cooked burrito bowls for dinner, made s’mores, and had our first evening meeting.

Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, when we will be exploring the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and hanging out at the beach!

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