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California Adventure 1: 4th of July Festivities

Written by Zoë, Wes, and Ella

This morning, we had cold breakfast with the newest additions of lucky charms and Nutella. Connor, Jainy, and Genevieve prepared breakfast for us. Then, we headed to the beach. Our wetsuits were cold, sandy, and hard to put on from the day before. We surfed in the cold water, and the waves were very large. Then, Beckett, James, and Wesley led a messy football game, where no points were scored. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jainy searched for sand crabs and let them crawl in their hands. After our fantastic beach adventures, we made our way back to camp, where we enjoyed some hotdogs made by David and Sam. After lunch, we enjoyed some free time laying in the sun, playing football, and taking showers. James also taught Hedda how to throw a football. While Ella, Zoë and Sabina went to shower, Jack and Beckett went on a mini hike and saw some beautiful views. Then, we enjoyed some chicken Alfredo made by Genevieve, Jainy, and Connor. It was creamy and delectable. Afterwards, we drove to a park where we watched fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July. Overall, it was another fabulous day at bold earth.

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