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California Adventure 1: Day 2

Written by Jack, Olivia, and Sabina

Today, we all went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. We all went on a thrilling roller coaster, and we had fun in the sun. Then, we all split into small groups to walk around. Wes bought a massive churro, James bought a massive doughnut, and Beckett bought a root beer float with no root beer. Sabina, Hedda, Olivia, and Ella played ring toss in the arcade. Then, we all went to the beach. Jack and Connor, along with all the boys, dug a massive hole for fun. Once on the beach, we all ate lunch and Genevieve brought a fur blanket instead of a towel. Then, we all went swimming in the cold Pacific Ocean; there were even reports of a sea lion sighting. We all went to play beach volleyball, where Zoë showed off her volleyball skills. Jainy suntanned and James took an hour nap. We all shopped and bought wonderful things. We have decided that we love dogs and cats.

Day 1 = 10/10 (but Olivia got sandy)

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