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Bold West Day 6

Hi families and friends! Raffy here. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that you can expect a phone call from your kiddo tomorrow, July 5th, somewhere in the timeframe of 10:30am-noon Vegas time. Plan accordingly! 🙂

Today’s blog post was written by Noel, our wonderful, French, leader of the day:

We woke us at 6:00am and ate a good breakfast created by the Zionic Unicorns (Raphaelle, Will, Owen and Theo). It was composed of toast with tomato and avocado. After, Noel, Theo, Will, Dilan and Xander ran to the bathroom. This was such a funny moment. When we returned to camp, we saw a big insect.

We used the van to go to the rock climbing wall, which we really liked. During this time, Noel and Raphaelle sang the Marseillaise for the rest of the group. There were always many people climbing and belaying, and some chilling on a rock eating snacks. Daniel, Will, Ailie, and Ben never stopped climbing. It was really fun. At the end, we made a thank you card for our wonderful guides, Stacy, Tommy, and Hyrum.

After rock climbing, we went to camp to eat lunch. Zionic Unicorns created another very good meal and hilarious skit. Then we went to the pool for a refresh and we played with Theo’s ball. Kai joined us in the pool to play with the ball and Raffy stayed back at camp to organize everything in preparation for our early morning because we are going to Vegas tomorrow! Julia slept and read on the lounge chair for a long time.

After these fun moments, we went to camp to eat the American Special dinner, made by Ailie, Ben, Aanika and Xander. We ate a lot of beautiful burgers and hot dogs.

Then, we went in the van to the cinema. We watched a very funny movie about a Kraken family and everybody was happy leaving the theater. Finally, we went to the park to watch the fireworks and played on the play structure together for a while. There were many great moments today.

(Note: pictures to come soon!) thanks for bearing with the late uploads. Service is spotty here 🙃

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