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Bold West Day 20

By Aanika

We woke up this morning at 6:30 with Raffy and cook crew setting up breakfast, snacks and lunch. Everyone got ready and Dilan and Theo got all of the extra food out of the trailer. While we ate cereal and apple juice, we debated who was the loudest snorer: Will or our camping neighbors. We found out that while we were sleeping, raccoons were visiting our campsite and walked over many duffels. Kai also got a video of him scaring went away.

Once we finish breakfast and regretfully, all of the leftover hazelnut spread, we packed some things into the trailer and loaded it up into the van to head off for our San Francisco adventure. During the ride, Raph got Dilan to say quoicouuwu in exchange for Vaseline.

Once we found parking, we walked to Pier 39 and saw sea lions sun bathing at the dock. Then we did some souvenirs shopping and Noel got $100 bill gold cards.

It was almost time to board the ferry to Alcatraz so we postponed more shopping and were on our way. We got on the ferry and enj yes a cold 12 minute ride to Alcatraz Prison, aka “the rock”.

We had an audio tour. We learned all about the prisoners with the biggest reputations and saw all the jail cells. Raffy, Aanika, and Raph waited after the audio tour to hear a live demonstration of the cell doors opening and closing. We were told that the sound of them were used in many popular movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park. Everyone else was in the gift shop at Leader joined. Next was the recreation yard, where the prisoners would have free time of mostly the game bridge with dominoes. We saw the light house, then decided we should get back in line for the ferry. We took a vote whether we should go to Chinatown or Fishermans Wharf, and ultimately Chinatown won.

We got to Chinatown and made some impulse purchases along with gifts for friends and family. While we were walking, Ailie and Raffy lead singing songs and Noel and Owen were a little too interested in wanting to take boxing gloves off the side of the road. Daniel was also really persistent on taking everyone’s water bottles.

After two hours of walking in Chinatown, we had time to stop by Fishermans wharf for 30 minutes. Then it was time to go get dinner. We were surprised with pizza, and while we were waiting for food, we played most likely to. Ben was most likely to be a lawyer and Xander to be in Gryffindor house and Daniel for best laugh. While we ate, everyone was really entertained by our soda tops and the pepper topping for pizza.

We got to camp and did an end of trip evaluation, followed by airport letters. Evening meeting was wonderful and we did a special activity called bold connections. Then everybody packed up their duffel bags and got ready for an early day at the airport tomorrow.

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