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Bold West Day 2

Hi families and friends!

Our wonderful leader of the day, Ailie, wrote today’s blog post. Enjoy!

This morning we got up around 6:30, after having a wonderful first night in the tents. We had cereal and fruit to start our day off before heading down to the meeting with our community service leader, Brenna. We put on reflective vests, equipped ourselves with trash pickers and buckets, and cleaned up trash around the campground, Visitor’s Center, and Watchman Trail. While on the trail, a 3 mile scenic hike, many people listened as Kai and Ailie talked about the geography of the land around us.

After our hike, we came back to camp to nice sandwiches waiting for us, which we had prepared earlier and put in the cooler. Raffy brought out some water misters, and Theo has yet to put his down. He made lots of us laugh by always having a dripping face all day.

Following lunch, we took Zion shuttle to a short hike that brought us to the Pa’ Rus trail, where we stopped and dipped at many river spots. At spot #1, Julia was the first off into the freezing water. Everyone quickly followed. Soon after, a challenge had been set to climb to the top of a rock. Will was the first to try, but Aanika was ultimately declared Queen of the Rock. Soon after the rock, Theo, Xander, and Aanika saw another one further down the river. Theo lead that expedition, which you will be happy to know was a success. After returning from their expedition, the whole group set out on a walk back while sharing parts of ourselves with each other. We played “speed friending”, where we got to chat one on one with others about various topics.

Along the route, we found river spot #2, which we couldn’t resist dipping in. Theo provided a blue ball that kept him, Xander, Will, Ben and Dilan occupied while Raphaelle and Aanika held on to rocks pretending to “hang on for dear life” as the river “swept them away”. We loved the drama. Raphaelle said she was just “going with the flow”. At this spot, Noel, Owen, and Julia decided to rest in the shade.

We set off back to camp…. Until another river area was spotted… this one with a swing! River spot #3. Everyone who wanted to took a quick jump and dip before we finally set off to make it back to camp… but not before stopping at the Zion shop for a little merch.

Once we officially got back to camp, our amazing cook crew (Aanika, Will, Theo, and Noel) cooked us and amazing burrito bowl bar. We ate dinner, in shock that Raphaelle and Noel usually eat their dinner in Europe around 10pm?! Crazy!

After dinner cleanup, we had our evening meeting around the fire before heading off to snooze for the night.

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