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Bold West Day 18

By Dilan

After a night of seeing raccoons and Noel thinking he was one, we woke up at 6:45 with the help of Raffy. We then had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and fruit before getting ready to head to community service. Daniel took the lead cleaning the van while everyone else helped clean up camp and get ready to leave.

After a very sleepy 40 minute car ride, we arrived at Stafford Lake Bike Park earlier than expected. We sat down at some tables in the shade and we were greeted by our guide, Kirk.

We were then informed that we were going to help rebuild a birm. We got to work right away with our shovel and dirt. About an hour into working, we were given a very refreshing break. Everyone had coconut water, granola bars, and watermelon provided by our wonderful instructors.

After the break, Aanika and Raphaelle were put on mud making duty while Will and a Daniel helped get rid of unwanted weeds. While nearing the end of our community service, Noel threw a mud ball to Dilan without looking and it splattered all over his shirt. Theo then helped by hosing Dilan off. We finished our service after a long, hot 3 hours.

We then walked back to the tables and ate lunch. After that, Ailie, Aanika, Daniel and a Theo played with slap bracelets. We then loaded back into the van with Xander being first as usual.

After getting seatbelts on, we were ready to head to the Golden Gate bridge. About 20 minutes into our drive, we stopped at a gas station, and Raffy surprised us with ice cream sandwiches. Due to Ben, Daniel, and Noel’s, sleeping through this stop, there was enough for seconds.

During traffic before the bridge, we got a chance to marvel at Alcatraz while Owen looked out the other side. We found a parking spot easily and made our way up walking across the bridge. We saw amazing views and thankfully we weren’t too cold. We made it across and immediately went to the bathroom where Theo went four times within 20 minutes. Then we had 10 minutes to shop at the visitor center. Xander got a hoodie and Raph got a book about Alcatraz escapes. Then Kai let us to abandon World War II bunkers. Everyone was shocked by how crazy these bunkers were. Unfortunately, the doors were locked shut so we couldn’t go in, but we could look through holes. Since we were at the bunkers for too long, we had to turn around before we could get to a bunker by the beach. On the walk back across the bridge, Kai told us some crazy stories and conspiracies about Alcatraz escapes. He also told us about how he used to live next to Al Capone‘s old house. After we made it to the end, we had a bathroom break where Theo and Dilan tried to call home on a phone booth but unfortunately it didn’t work. Then we loaded up in the van for a 25 minute drive back to camp. Right when we get back, Ben, Daniel and Xander started to prepare dinner consisting of chicken quesadillas. There was a hiccup in getting the van in the gate at the campsite, but all will be OK. After a good dinner, we had cupcakes for dessert. We then had evening meeting and headed to bed early to get a good nights rest before surfing tomorrow.

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