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Bold West Day 13

Thanks to Owen for being our leader of the day and writing this blog post!

We all woke up early today to pack up camp and move from Yosemite to a site near San Francisco. The morning went even better than planned as everyone finished packing early.

After a bagel breakfast served by our cook crew of Owen, Daniel and Aanika, we assembled into new crews and shortly after embarked on our 4 hour drive to the Bay Area.

Our drive got interrupted, which is a regular occurrence at this point, because a car flipped on the road. Thankfully the person in the car was fine and we didn’t have to wait for too long.

20 minutes later, at Ailie’s request, we stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom.

We then went to the laundromat to wash our clothes and make phone calls. While there, Raph, Aanika, Dilan and Noel enjoyed using a vending machine which would give you a random sticker in exchange for coins.

Soon after leaving the laundromat, Raffy and Kai surprised us with free slurpees from 7/11, which we all appreciated. Xander even overflowed his cup with slurpee.

Our next stop on the trip was a Goodwill where we each bought a partner an article of embarrassing clothing to wear on the river trip. Will bought Dilan a very small women’s sweater and Raph got Ben a pair of pink pizza pajama pants.

Next, we shopped for groceries. The highlight of this was Noel channeling his Frenchness by putting on a striped shirt and pretending to be a mime before slamming an invisible door in a stranger’s face. The woman still managed to walk through.

Finally, we arrived at our campsite. Theo was already wearing leggings which prepared him for the mosquitos here.

We all set up our stuff and afterwards, Ailie, Raph, and Aanika made orange chicken for dinner. Ben, Will, Theo, Daniel and Noel played Texas Hold ‘Em, Owen changed into long sleeves and pants to avoid the bugs, and Xander crawled through some random drainage tunnel he found. Many followed.

We finished the night with dinner and Ben started the fire for evening meeting with Daniel sort of helping. Then, we went to bed.

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