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Bold West Day 11

Today’s blog post is brought to you by our leader of the day, Xander:

After a delightful sleep, today’s cook crew would wake up at 5:45 AM to cook a filling breakfast. While everyone was still waking up, Will, Dilan, Xander, and Theo were hard at work working on today’s meals. Will and Dilan worked on breakfast, whilst Theo and Xander worked on lunch. Once breakfast with served, which was a typical eggs and bacon, everyone seemed to have a good time and breakfast. While at breakfast, it would be decided that we would have a dedicated s’mores session tonight.

The usual breakfast clean up would begin shortly after, with the cook crew having some dishes issues, and Noel throwing the trash bag onto the dumpster lid. Shortly after this, Van crew would do the daily van inspection, and then we would begin loading up into the van to go to Yosemite National Park. There would be new seating in today’s van with Owen, Ben, Daniel and Raph in the front seats.

Shortly after the car ride began, Daniel would start massaging Will’s ankle for reasons nobody knew. The next 20 to 30 minutes of the car ride would be fairly mundane up until we arrived to Yosemite.

While driving through the Yosemite Valley, the entire group continued to be amazed by the beautiful sites of the valley, and many of us were shocked to see the speed of class four and five rivers. Once we had arrived to the main area, we would stop for bathroom breaks before getting in line for the shuttle that takes us to our hike for the day.

While waiting in line, a couple of things would happen. Noel made the bold choice of dumping water down Dilan’s back and Raffy introduced a new word game called Ghost that we all played, where Will consistently thought he was being targeted because he kept losing.

After getting on the shuttle, we would be able to chill out for a while as the bus had multiple stops before ours.

Our first hike would be the Mist Trail. This would be a very wet and challenging hike, but it would have a breathtaking view of Vernal Falls and plenty of mist keeping us cool.

Upon reaching the top of Vernal Falls, we would stop in a very serene lunch spot that Kai chose for us. We ate delicious caprese sandwiches that the breakfast crew made for us. There were 2 blue jays for us to watch during lunch. We would continue the steep hill hike towards the top of Nevada Falls, throughout this part many interesting things would happen. Raph’s self-proclaimed size 40 shoes soles came off. We would also take a stop in where Theo’s intrusive thoughts would cause him to bite Will 3 times. After a long and rewarding hike to the very top of Nevada Falls, we would take in an absolutely breathtaking view before heading back downhill for another 4 miles. We would go through “nature’s shower” in which we decided to run through. While this happened, Theo and Daniel would take a little stumble but recover quickly.

We finally reached the bottom of the Muir trail, where most of us took a bathroom break.

After our hike, we took the shuttle back to our van.

Once we arrived back at camp, cook crew (Ailie, Ben, Raph and Noel) wasted no time and started preparing the meal.

While wanting to pass time time, Theo, Will, Xander, and Dilan went to go play mini golf. Theo and Xander would come out on top against all odds since Will actually plays golf.

Once dinner was completed, everyone was pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out and we ate well. We then proceeded to clean up, have evening meeting, and then s’mores before getting ready for a well deserved sleep.

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