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Bold West Day 10

Hi blog viewers! Wonderful Will wrote our blog today:

After the planned 7:00 AM wake up, all of us decided to wake up at 6:30 for more time to pack. Will, Theo, Dilan, Noel, and Xander successfully slept five in a tent. For breakfast, Raffy prepared us with an extravagant breakfast of cereal. Once everyone’s dishes were cleaned, lunches were packed and everyone did one final camp clean. We all loaded into the van. On our ride down the mountain, six cows decided to make their escape across the road. Thankfully, our savior Kai’s reaction time saved us from really needing a new van. We were now on route for Walmart for a food shop.

Somehow, we actually made it to Walmart without stopping. Once inside, we split into our new crews. The Uwu Cuillere which included Noel, Raph, Ben and Ailie. Then there is the 4 stooges, which includes Will, Dilan, Theo and Xander. And finally, for some reason, The “Original”, not even with an s. This includes Aanika, Daniel and Owen. After lots of searching and walking up and down aisles, all crews were able to find all of their meal items. Once all items were loaded into the cooler, our personal shop was underway. Dilan bought 8 slices of cinnamon cake and Noel bought 1 liter of Coke. After many impulsive purchases, we headed to The Home Depot where Kai, Ailie and Daniel went inside to get more propane. The rest of us ate lunch in the parking lot. Finally, after 1 gas station stop, we were on our way to our campsite in Yosemite National Park.

Noel and Theo became so restless in our ride there, they figured it would be a good idea to give Will a new hairdo. With enough water from their spray bottles, they were able to slick it all the way back. And yet after a 6 hour trip, 1 gas station stop, a stop at Home Depot and Walmart, we finally made it to the campsite. The sites were first come first served, so we took a loop and chose 2 campsites next to each other. Will and Ailie were first to escape the van to claim the optimal tent position. Ailie had the lead by foot, but Will’s bag is ok the lead for the win.

After all tents were set up, the boys heated their playing blackjack with skittles while the girls suffered in the tent with Raph’s farts.

During our skittle gambling, Kai and Raffy presented us with the idea to watch a 7pm move. This would mean cook crew, The 4 Stooges, would have to start cooking immediately. What was supposed to be pulled pork and Mac and cheese turned into Mac and Cheese with bacon. Even Theo contributed by suggesting we add our drying dishes to the top of the U-Haul.

After many screams from Will over splattering bacon, and Theo and Xander having no idea how to stir Mac and cheese, dinner was finally done. Though everyone had a nice scoop of Mac and cheese at first, nobody was up for seconds except Raffy. Unfortunately, there were lots of leftovers so Theo had the genius idea to scoop the excess Mac and cheese into the trash bag with his hands. He claimed he had the “real cheese touch”. Raffy then announced that the office was holding a vote to pick a move so Ben, Dilan, Theo, Raph, Aanika and Ailie sprinted to make their voice heard.

Once 7:30pm hit, we made our way to the main lodge for our movie choice: The Goonies! Will, Theo, Ben, Daniel and Dilan made sure to claim the corner spot of the couch. After the movie ended, we headed back to camp for evening meeting and a goodnight rest in the cool weather.

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