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Bold West Day 9

Today’s blog post is brought to you by our BOLD leader, Daniel!

We woke up at 6:30, then we had a party in one of our tents where we had much fun. Will, Theo, Ben and Owen were all included in this party in Dilan, Xander and Daniel’s tent. Noel kept his peace. Suddenly, we all saw 2 jumping bags outside of the party tent that appeared to be Raph and Aanika.

Then at 7:40, the American Special Crew (Ailie, Ben, Xander and Aanika) began to cook our breakfast with Raffy supervising everything. While they were cooking, Will, Theo and Owen went to fill the truffle shuffle bins with shower water.

The van crew formed by Dilan, Daniel and Noel helped Kai by checking all the van and cleaning up its inside. The cook crew had a good idea to make a giant pancake for Kai.

We had a very nice and calm morning as we didn’t have to rush to get somewhere. American Special made a very good and big breakfast. Ailie was the best cooker of pancakes so far. We all sat in a circle, in our crazy creeks and ate pancakes, eggs, bacon, strawberries and chocolate sauce. We all enjoyed this marvelous food. The most surprising thing that happened was Theo, a supposed vegetarian, trying real bacon.

Then we all cleaned up and packed up our stuff and we started going to the Sequoia National Park. After 40 minutes of the trip and a lot of people asleep, we took a picture with the National Park sign.

Having passed 20 minutes, we arrived to the park and got to choose our own adventure. We first refilled all our water and went to the guest center to get maps and make our plan. Then, we got into the van and headed to the trails. We went to see the largest tree in the world, the General Sherman. Then we went to a beautiful park to eat our lunches.

Afterwards, we went back to the van where we had a spray water war, where everyone agreed to go all against Ailie at one point. After 5 people sprayed Ailie, we started to hike the Crescent Meadow. We made a wrong Tun and ended up at an incredible view spot, Eagle’s Point.

After, we went to Morro Rock where lots of us were scared by the height. Many others analyzed the rock for good climbing holds. We all reached the top, where everyone took pictures and Will and Dilan pretended they were in the Titanic.

On the way down, Dilan, Will, Theo, Xander and Aanika all made sure to assure the passing hikers that they were going to see the greatest view of their lives.

We headed back to the camp and were happy to learn that the porta potties had been cleaned.

At 6:30, cook crew SPA (Dilan, Noel, Daniel) started to prepare a “great” dinner of couscous and sausages. At first it seemed like nearly nobody would like the couscous, but this opinion changed during the dinner, and it ended up pretty good.

Afterwards, everyone cleaned their stuff and cook crew cleaned the cooking materials. Finally, we had evening meeting and we all went to sleep.

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